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» New from Darrel Bristow-Bovey {One Midlife Crisis and a Speedo}
Darrel Bristow-Bovey
October 31, 2014

If you don’t choose your midlife crisis, your crisis will choose you. Darrel Bristow-Bovey has tried his best to deny to himself that he’s getting older, but you can’t hide from the truth in the changing-room mirror. One day, surrounded by sharks on a small boat in the Indian Ocean...
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» The devil's chasing us
Kobus Galloway
July 09, 2014

This competition is now closed. Watch this blog for another one soon!   Ons is al halfpad deur 2014 en die Junie/Julie skoolvakansie is ook amper weer verby! Terwyl ons probeer om soveel as moontlik in die laaste helfte van die jaar in te pas (asof die ‘duiwel’ ons jaag!), brin...
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» Winter Warmer - Kobus Galloway Cartoon
Kobus Galloway
April 24, 2014

This competition is now closed. Watch this blog for another one soon!  Winter is upon us and what better way to keep warm than to throw ourself into work. This month's cartoon depicts a recently published book from Zebra Press imprint. Clue: Business book to bring in more income Browse the...
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» Splinternuwe Kompetisie
Kobus Galloway
March 04, 2014

Die kompetisie is nou gesluit. Die wenners sal binnekort bekend gemaak word. Somer is verby en ons kan almal doen met ‘n paar voorstelle om winter te oorleef. So kom ons begin met ‘n nuwe Kobus Galloway tekenprent en ‘n splinternuwe kompetisie! Hierdie maand se tekenprent beeld &ls...
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» Dis uiteindelik Vrydag - ons gunsteling dag van die week!
Kobus Galloway
November 01, 2013

Dis uiteindelik Vrydag - ons gunsteling dag van die week! En die beste manier om ‘n week af te sluit (en ‘n nuwe maand te begin) is om ‘n bietjie pret te hê, so ons het ‘n splinternuwe Kobus Galloway tekenprent vir julle om die kop ‘n bietjie wakker te maak. ...
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» Kan jy die volgende Kobus Galloway spotprent raai?
Kobus Galloway
August 21, 2013

Dis tyd vir die tweede tekenprent van Kobus Galloway. Soos met die eerste een, beeld dit ‘n nuwe boek (uitgegee deur Zebra Press) uit – kan jy die titel raai? Gaan loer op ons Random House Struik webblad as jy sukkel om die antwoord te kry. Vul dan jou besonderhede hieronder in en jy kan...
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» Welkom by Random Reads, Kobus!
July 16, 2013

Ons is baie opgewonde om vir Kobus Galloway van Idees Vol Vrees faam op ons Random Reads blog te verwelkom! Kobus is ‘n illustreerder en ontwerper vir Media24 se weeklikse publikasies, en in sy vrye tyd is hy ‘n komediant en doen hy vryskut ontwerp. Hy is die eienaar van Komedia Media CC...
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» Become Your Own Financial Advisor
Warren Ingram
July 03, 2013

Over the last couple of months Warren Ingram - award-winning financial planner and regular guest on Talk Radio 702 and Cape Talk - has been guest blogging for us, dispensing practical advice on all things financial and sharing the REAL secrets to becoming financially independent. In his first p...
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» Economic growth not related to stock market PERFORMANCE
Warren Ingram
June 19, 2013

ECONOMIC GROWTH NOT RELATED TO STOCK MARKET PERFORMANCE Would it surprise you to know that there is almost no relationship between the way the economy grows and the stock market’s performance? If you are spending time worrying about the economy when making your investment decisions, it is like...
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» Ignore financial NEWS
Warren Ingram
June 04, 2013

IGNORE FINANCIAL NEWS It might seem strange for a person who appears regularly in the media to state that financial news is noise. However, I feel that very little financial reporting contains valuable information. Real-time financial news actually inhibits good financial decision-making. Most inves...
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» New from Umuzi: Zebra Crossing by Meg Vandermerwe
May 30, 2013

In June, Umuzi will be publishing Zebra Crossing by Meg Vandermerwe. It is a bold, lyrical imagining of how it might feel like to live in another’s skin. Meg is an exciting young talent who holds a degree in English literature from Oxford University and published a collection of short stories ...
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» It pays to be an OPTIMIST
Warren Ingram
May 16, 2013

OPTIMISTS MAKE MORE MONEY It would not surprise you to know that wealthy people are generally happy optimists. Most of us would say that affluent people are happier because they are wealthy. However most of us would be wrong. Those who have achieved a measure of success in their lives have generally...
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» It all starts with a PLAN!
Warren Ingram
April 30, 2013

IT ALL STARTS WITH A PLAN Money is a source of stress for most people, they either don’t have enough (that’s the problem for the majority of folks) or they are scared of losing what they have. It is not a very complicated process to manage your stress around money, no matter what your pr...
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» Welcome to the Blog, Warren
April 29, 2013

There's no better way to start a Monday morning than with good news! Yes, Wednesday is a public holiday and we're really excited about the mid-week break but the good news we are chuffed about is that award-winning financial planner and regular guest on Talk Radio 702 Radio and Cape T...
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» Julian Rademeyer (author of Killing for Profit) talks to City Press
January 21, 2013

Extracted from the interview done by Yolandi Groenewald of City Press. Since the release of his book about rhino poaching, Killing for Profit, Julian Rademeyer is now very much in the thick of exposing wildlife trafficking’s sordid underbelly. “Joburg is pretty much the wi...
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» Extreme Environment by Ivo Vegter
January 08, 2013

Taken from the review done by Environment, People and Conservation in Africa magazine. In a nutshell, Vegter argues that in many cases exaggeration by environmental activists, journalists, and even scientists, about the severity and impact of a wide variety of human activities, results in misinforma...
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» 100 Moments That Mattered by Peter Joyce
January 04, 2013

Taken from the review done by Wilma den Hartigh of Media Club South Africa. The book is divided into seven parts, and includes well-known events such as the Great Trek; the birth of Johannesburg; the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak which killed 140 000 people in seven weeks in South Africa;...
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» The Terrible Ones by Piet Nortje
January 03, 2013

Taken from the review done by Martin Rhodes of Business Day Live. Picking up the first volume of The Terrible Ones was a bit daunting — I had to adjust to the fine print and the weight of the book in my hands. I thought I was in for a long and tedious read, but I flew through the pro...
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» Succeed Under Pressure by Gary Bailey
December 03, 2012

Succeed under Pressure is based on Gary Bailey’s highly successful business talks, which are largely inspired by Sir Alex Ferguson’s leadership abilities as manager of Manchester United. Extract from the book: Parallel to dealing with difficult individuals, a manager has to maintain...
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» The Great Agony and Pure Laughter of the Gods by Jamala Safari
November 26, 2012

Reviewed by Friederike Bubenzer of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation "I have tended to shy away from the many books that have emerged over the last years which tell the gruesome and often unbelievable stories of child soldiers in the Great Lakes region of Africa. Though this literatu...
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» Zulu Zulu Foxtrot by Arn Durand
October 25, 2012

Review by Stephen Timm: "Durand tells of how, back in the early 1980s, he bribed a sergeant with two bottles of whisky to help him join other police members on a counterinsurgency training exercise, because he was bored with his job as a policeman at the law courts in Durban. After that, he never lo...
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» Killing for Profit by Julian Rademeyer
October 12, 2012

If you read only one book this year, you want it to be this one… A teaser extract from the book: "For some time now, the embassy in Brooklyn, Pretoria, has been a thorn in the flesh of the cops investigating the illegal rhino horn trade. Two years before Tommy Tuan’s arrest, police had ...
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» Ivo Vegter talks to Times Live
October 05, 2012

"Extreme Environment's concerns are broader than dealing with the claims of the "anti-fracking movement" - most are exaggerations or patently untrue, he claimed - and examine a trend among environmentalists of using fear "to promote a perversely conservative and oppressive form of government". ...
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» Brothers in Arms by Chris Schoeman
October 03, 2012

Brothers in Arms tells the story of Dutch expatriates who joined the Boers and fought alongside them in the war. Schoeman starts out by providing a general historical background to the links between the Dutch and the Boers before the war. Click here to read the full extract posted by BooksLIVE ...
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» Ivo Vegter (author of Extreme Environment) talks to 2oceansvibe Radio
October 01, 2012

Ivo Vegter was on the Premier Show on 2oceansvibe Radio on Friday 21 Sep to talk about his new book, Extreme Environment. Could this be one of the most controversial books of 2012? That’s what some are saying... To listen to the podcast, click here to go to 2ocean...
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» Ben Freeth (author of Mugabe and the White African) go-kart's through Zimbabwe to raise funds for farm workers
September 14, 2012

Last month, Ben Freeth (author of Mugabe and the White African) and his sons Joshua and Stephen Freeth, undertook an adventure with the aim of raising funds to provide training, medical assistance and educational support to farm workers effected by the political violence in Zimbabwe. The e...
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