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Replying to: 10 Questions for Jassy Mackenzie

Jassy Mackenzie took us all by surprise last year when she wrote Folly, a local S&M erotica novel like never before! When we think Jassy, we think Jade de Jongh, we think crime fiction and we know she’s oh-so-sweet so how could she do a complete 360 and write an erotic novel? Well, we don’t ask questions but she totally won us over with Folly

When we met Emma Caine in Folly she was pushing forty and life was hitting her hard. Out of a job, looking after her brain damaged husband and on the brink of losing her home, Emma was in a real mess. Instead of giving up, she decided to start hitting back. Drawing on experiences from a misspent youth, she opened a domination dungeon in an outbuilding in her garden and set herself up as a dominatrix. It was tough for Emma and she found herself drawn into a twisted and potentially doomed relationship that forced her to reconsider everything she thought she knew about love, sexuality and power. 

In Jassy’s follow-up Switch, Emma is experiencing true love, but she never thought it would be like this – with her love more than six thousand kilometres and two time zones away, she’s sexually deprived instead of sexually depraved. And while he is burying himself in work and forgetting to call her, she’s attracting interest from another, unwanted source. A rival dominatrix thinks Emma’s stealing her clients and she’s doing her best to put her out of business. If a turf war erupts, the neighbours will find out what Emma’s doing – and then the trouble will really start. 

If you loved Folly, then you’ll love Switch - it’s pure entertainment at its best, packed with humour and endearing characters. 

We thoroughly enjoyed Folly and Switch and wanted to know more so we picked Jassy’s brain and asked her 10 questions:


{1. Emma Caine is back! Was it an easy process to revisit the character again?}

Very easy! Emma is a likeable character because she’s so human and fallible, while at the same time being a kind person who genuinely strives to do the right thing. Sadly, though, she has a knack for getting herself embroiled in situations that range from horrifying to hilarious. It was enormous fun to step back into her life and watch her try to sort out all her new problems. 

{2. When you wrote Folly, did you already have an idea that her story will continue?}

Yes. In fact, when my agent first read Folly, she said to me that it was a great story but it needed a better HEA (in romance novel terminology, that stands for “happily ever after”). I told her no – that I couldn’t possibly give it an HEA because I wanted to write a follow-up. 

{3. Of all of Emma’s clients, which one was the funniest to write?}

I would have to say the Judge. He’s so foul mouthed and kinky and outspoken about his perverted needs, while being totally unashamed of them. Also, he’s genuinely fond of Emma and her helper Goodness – he’s one of those who could easily end up being a friend outside the dungeon as well as a client in it. 

{4. How did the idea of ‘Lucifer Barbie’ come about? Emma’s rival dominatrix in Switch?}

The idea of “Lucifer Barbie” was actually sparked by a true-life story related to me by somebody whose name I am unwilling to disclose for privacy reasons. Actually, isn’t all publicity good publicity? In that case, when fellow author Sean Newman told me a story about a scary dominatrix he’d met in Midrand, and how one of his really tough bouncer-type friends had been so intimidated by her he’d simply refused to go back and see her again (they were trying to organise her a stand at Sexpo), I realised what a great character somebody like that would be. 

{5. When writing about the ‘sexual underworld’, do you have to do a lot of research to make it believable for the reader?}

Yes. I read some very entertaining books and websites when researching Folly and Switch. In fact, my research brought home to me the fact that you can have dealings with somebody on a business level, or know them as an acquaintance, but have no idea what their true proclivities are, or what goes on in their life behind closed doors. It’s most intriguing. 

{6. A lot of people will be glad to know that Simon is back. But you changed the dynamic of their relationship, where he becomes the dominator. Was this part of what you had in mind for the development of their relationship?}

Simon is a “switch” – somebody who occasionally likes to take the dominant role although he is generally submissive.  It was important to explore that side of his character in Switch, because if Emma wants a long term relationship with him, she needs to know what she’s in for. 

{7. Do you think that Willem is actually in love with Emma? And if he could, would he have stayed Emma’s slave?}

Now everyone who’s reading this is wondering: Willem? Huh! Who the hell’s Willem? What’s this Willem guy suddenly doing? He wasn’t in Folly. Was he? No, definitely not! Hey, what does Simon think of all of this? Does this mean there’s no happily ever after for the two of them? And the answer to all those questions are...  you’ll have to read Switch to see. 

{8. Who would you envision to play Emma on the big screen, and why?}

Sandra Bullock. She’s funny and likeable, and apparently one of Hollywood’s nicest superstars, so she would be a great choice for Emma. 

{9. Will there be a follow up to Switch?}

I would absolutely love to write another in the Emma Caine series. I even have an idea for the title... Forfeit. Doesn’t that send pleasant chills down your spine? 

{10. And what is next for Jassy?}

I’m working on a couple of different projects at the moment – watch this space –Next up in terms of book launches is my erotic romance Drowning, which has not been released in South Africa yet but which is being published in the USA by Astor & Blue later this year, under the author name Jessica de Jong so as to avoid any confusion with the Jassy Mackenzie thrillers. Drowning features Erin Mitchell, an American heroine who is visiting the Kruger Park with her abusive husband when her car is washed off a bridge during a flood. She ends up stranded on an estate owned by Nicholas de Lanoy, a gorgeous, single, multi-millionaire who specialises in seducing married women. Erin sets herself two goals for the time it will take to mend the bridge – firstly, to stop herself from falling for Nicholas’s charms, and secondly to prevent her husband from finding out the true facts about her situation. Naturally, she fails at both...

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